We work with a diverse range of organisations in Government, Private and Community sectors.  Below are some examples of our clients and the roles we have played.

Te Herengā Hauora DHB Māori Health Managers Network

  1. Te Waipounamu Recruitment Specialist Project

  2. Revision and completion of Te Waipounamu Regional Māori Workforce Development Plan

  3. Te Waipounamu Education and Training Resource 2005

  4. Te Waipounamu Māori Provider Development funding proposal 2005

  5. South Island Māori Health Workforce Skills and Needs Survey 2004

Canterbury District Health Board

  1. Kaupapa Māori Mental Health Service Development contract

  2. Tikaka Hauora

  3. Project Manager Development of South Island Kaupapa Māori Alcohol and Other Drug Residential service

Rural Canterbury Primary Health Organisation

  1. Produced the Rural Canterbury Māori Health Plan

Health and Disability Audit NZ

  1. Development of Māori Health policy

  2. Audit Member

Southern Cross/Oxford Clinic Hospitals

  1. Māori Advisory consultant

Partnership Health Primary Health Organisation

  1. Produced the Partnership Health Māori Health Plan

New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority

  1. Produced the NZBA Māori Health Plan

South Island Shared Service Agency

  1. Audit Member - Māori Health providers in Te Waipounamu

  2. Māori Health Chapter Health Needs Assessments

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

  1. Review of Residential and Respite services

  2. Te Waipounamu Kaupapa Māori Mental Health Services Review and Strategy Launch